Radiant Floor Heating, Second Edition

By: R. Woodson

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The latest radiant floor heating methods and materials

In this fully updated guide, master plumber and long-time contractor R. Dodge Woodson explains, step by step, how to install, test, and debug in-floor heating systems--the healthy, quiet, economical, and clean heating method.

Radiant Floor Heating, Second Edition now offers details on alternative fuel sources and covers new material options and installation procedures, updated code information, and state-of-the-art piping and heating equipment. Revised illustrations featuring modern products are included in this practical resource. Get everything you need to:

Understand and explain the advantages of in-floor radiant heating

Select superior equipment--tubing, boilers, expansion tanks, pumps, and controls

Install embedded and dry radiant heat systems in new or existing homes

Incorporate hot water heating into your designs

Set up heating zones for variable temperatures throughout a house

Design a solar-powered system

Use alternative fuel sources

Provide outdoor ice removal and other amenities

Troubleshoot and repair system problems
Publication Date:
10 / 12 / 2009

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