Rameau's Nephew and First Satire

Rameau's Nephew and First Satire by Kenneth R. Yeager

By: Kenneth R. Yeager

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In Diderot's brilliant and witty dialogue two acquaintances discuss art, music, education and society. A key work of the French Enlightenment, in this sparkling new translation it is paired with Diderot's First Satire, providing context for Rameau's Nephew, the 'second satire'. - ;'unless you know everything, you really know nothing'Diderot's brilliant and witty dialogue begins with a chance encounter in a Paris caf--eacute--; between two acquaintances. Their talk ranges broadly across art, music, education, and the contemporary scene, as the nephew of composer Rameau, amoral and bohemian, alternately shocks and amuses the moral, bourgeois figure of his interlocutor. Exuberant and highly entertaining, the dialogue exposes the corruption of society in Diderot's characteristic philosophical exploration. The debates of the French Enlightenment speak to us vividly in this sparkling new translation, which also includes the First Satire , a related work that provides the context for Rameau's Nephew, Diderot's 'second satire'. -
Publication Date:
09 / 11 / 2006

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