Rath & Strong's WorkOut for Six Sigma Pocket Guide

Rath & Strong's WorkOut for Six Sigma Pocket Guide by Rath & Strong

By: Rath & Strong

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TWO PROVEN TOOLS FOR SUCCESS IN ONE STEP-BY-STEP POCKET GUIDE Whether you've been using Six Sigma for years or are just starting to, you know it takes hard work to get it right. But WorkOut, developed by General Electric, can increase Six Sigma's success. Rath & Strong's WorkOut for Six Sigma Pocket Guide shows you how, with an action-ready game plan that you can apply to your initiative - right now.

Learn how to:

Set the stage for Six Sigma's success

Find out if you're in trouble - and get back on track

Make a good Six Sigma initiative even better

See actual results--in less than three months

"If you want to bring the power of WorkOut to Six Sigma, this pocket guide is an invaluable tool."--Ron Ashkenas, co-author of The GE Work-Out

Six Sigma: A data-driven approach to meeting customer requirements, solving process problems, and achieving bottom-line results.

WorkOut: The revolutionary problem-solving program that brings management and workers together to bust bureaucracy.

Companies worldwide use Six Sigma to measure and improve performance. Others use WorkOut to get quick bottom-line results and empower their workforce. But few enjoy the enormous success General Electric achieved by combining these approaches. Rath & Strong shows you how to get that synergy, with a handy pocket guide full of charts, checklists, assessment tools, and cases that help you:

Prepare for, reenergize, or enhance a Six Sigma initiative

Use a fast, simple alternative to Six Sigma

Make your culture more participative, data-driven, and customer-focused

Engage your front-line workers in Six Sigma
Publication Date:
02 / 03 / 2005

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