Raupo Book of Maori Mythology

Raupo Book of Maori Mythology by AW Reed
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Revised by Ross Calman.

The Raupo Book of Maori Mythology is a new, updated and revised version of A.W. Reed's classic Treasury of Maori Folklore (1963). These vivid and entertaining stories have been revised by Ross Calman, and can now be enjoyed by a new generation of readers.

The book tells the stories of the creation of the universe, of Rangi and Papa and the children of earth and sky, of the demigods Maui and Tawhaki, of taniwha and patupaiarehe, supernatural monsters and fairies, and of heroes and lovers. For centuries Maori were isolated from the rest of the Polynesian world, indeed, from the rest of the world - and subsequently developed a remarkably rich and unique mythology. These stories are not just entertaining; they are a part of every New Zealander's culture and heritage.
Publication Date:
11 / 07 / 2010

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