Real Lady Detective Agency: A True Story

Real Lady Detective Agency: A True Story by Rebecca Jane

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The true story of the Lady Detective Agency, one of the UK's most successful female private detective services. The Agency exists for one purpose: to expose the truth. Cheating husbands, bad boyfriends and guilty consciences beware...For the first time, the Agency is opening its doors and revealing its secrets.Why won't he ever let you use his phone? Why is he always going on about that girl from work? Is he cheating on you? There's one way to find out - ask him. Then (when he lies) call Rebecca Jane, founder and owner of the Lady Detective Agency.The Agency exists to find the truth. Whether that means trailing a transsexual prostitute through the streets of London, following suspected cheats on stag parties, tracking down someone's beloved three-legged cat or uncovering famous people's affairs, Rebecca and her elite team will help. Whatever it takes.Their extraordinary dedication stems from first-hand experience of deception. Here Rebecca not only reveals her clients' fascinating stories, but her own rollercoaster journey too - from early success to crushing failure, scandal, abuse and affairs, and ultimately to finding true love.At times heartbreaking, hilarious and eye-opening, this vibrantly-written compilation of stories introduces us to a sparkling and witty new voice in Rebecca and her crack team of female detectives who are always ready to solve any case, no matter how big or small.
Publication Date:
17 / 01 / 2013

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