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In 1995, Philippe Van Parijs published Real Freedom For All: What (If Anything) is Wrong With Capitalism? His book provided not only an original argument for radical social change in the form of unconditional basic income, but also a rigorous examination of a host of issues central to contemporary political philosophy, normative economics and social theory. Those issues include the relationship between freedom and equality, the nature of resource egalitarianism, the moral significance of exploitation and reciprocity, the value of democracy and the demands of cosmopolitanism. The book was described by the American Political Science Review as "required reading for most political theorists and their graduate students" and in 2001 its author was awarded the Francqui Prize for academic achievement. This collection of essays by a group of international scholars on the work of Van Parijs will be required reading for all those who aim to understand the issues he addresses and to evaluate his arguments and conclusions.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2002

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