Recession-Proof Your Financial Life

Recession-Proof Your Financial Life by Nancy Dunnan
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A Financial Survival Guide for an Economy in Free Fall

Bestselling personal-finance author Nancy Dunnan offers back-to-basics advice to ease the financial squeeze of our troubled economy.

With more than 150 tips and resources to help you survive the recession and come out on top, Recession-Proof Your Financial Life provides key background information plus the critical questions you need to answer in order to:

Get out of debt

Protect your money

Create a budget

Increase savings

Get loans

Save for college

Avoid foreclosure

Handle a layoff

Find work

An economy in recession can be scary, but ignoring the reality of it is downright dangerous--to both your finances and your future. Let Nancy Dunnan see you through the worst of the recession, so you and your family can live well today and prepare for a better tomorrow.
Publication Date:
29 / 04 / 2009

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