Recruiting, Retaining and Releasing People

Recruiting, Retaining and Releasing People by Adrian Mackay

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The greater part of an HR budget is spent on recruitment and retaining good people is key to a company's success. This book contains essential and up-to-date material around recruitment and retention including those issues that are currently pressing on companies with regard to flexibilty, returning to work, coaching and skills shortages. The problems of retirement, redundancy and dismissal are also addressed which is an integral part but not included in many texts. It provides the student and the professional with one place to find all the aspects and consequences of good practice in recruitment and retention.* An all embracing Recruitment text that addresses the key issues of retention, appraisals, coaching and returing to work.* Integrates essential material on removing people including Retirement, Redundancy and contract termination.* Meets the Managements standards set out by the Chartered Management Institute and the CIPD
Publication Date:
11 / 01 / 2007

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