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    By: Mari Hall

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    10 Doorways to Inner Peace.

    Reiki is a way of healing and harmonising body, mind and soul, based on the traditional Japanese Osui method of working with universal life-giving energy. Reiki energy is transferred by the gentle placing of hands on your own body or that of another person. The experience of both giving and receiving this energy leaves you deeply relaxed and with a sense of profound inner peace.

    This book takes you on a personal journey using Reiki to unlock different "doorways" within yourself that life experiences may have closed. Each chapter takes you to a new doorway, each representing different aspects of your true self - your love life, friendships, family, relationships, work. Mari Hall shows you that you hold the key to each door within yourself - if you are willing to explore what lies behind it. As these doorways once again reopen you will be able to allow other people and new experiences back into your life, and by the time you reach the final door you will have come to a place of complete harmony and inner peace.

    'Reiki For The Soul' is a potentially life-changing book from one of the world's most highly respected Reiki Masters. Designed as an interactive workbook, it will take you on a unique personal journey and healing process.

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