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    Religion & Magic In Ancient Egypt

    By: Rosalie David

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    'Religion And Magic In Ancient Egypt' is the first book to provide a complete historical overview of the beliefs of this extraordinary civilization, from its earliest settlements dating back to 5000BCE, to the Roman province of the fourth century ACE.

    As Rosalie David's engrossing study shows, every aspect of ancient Egyptian society, from education to law and medicine, birth and death, was permeated by religion and magic, and dominated by the divine life forces of the sun and the Nile.

    We discover the complex and intriguing world of gods and goddesses, from Anubis the jackal-headed God of death to Tauert the hippopotamus-goddess of childbirth; the cult of sacred animals; the world of oracles and seers; temples, death rituals and the afterlife.

    Concluding with a glossary of pharoahs, queens and deities, and new translations of Egyptian spells, this is an essential work for all students of history and Egyptology, and an informative, entertaining read for anyone with an interest in the ancient world.

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