Remembering, Second Edition

Remembering, Second Edition by Edward S. Casey

By: Edward S. Casey

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RememberingA Phenomenological StudySecond EditionEdward S. CaseyA pioneering investigation of the multiple ways of remembering and the difference that memory makes in our daily lives.A Choice Outstanding Academic Book"An excellent book that provides an in-depth phenomenological and philosophical study of memory." -Choice"... a stunning revelation of the pervasiveness of memory in our lives." -Contemporary Psychology"[Remembering] presents a study of remembering that is fondly attentive to its rich diversity, its intricacy of structure and detail, and its wide-ranging efficacy in our everyday, life-world experience.... genuinely pioneering, it ranges far beyond what established traditions in philosophy and psychology have generally taken the functions and especially the limits of memory to be." -The Humanistic PsychologistEdward S. Casey provides a thorough description of the varieties of human memory, including recognizing and reminding, reminiscing and commemorating, body memory and place memory. The preface to the new edition extends the scope of the original text to include issues of collective memory, forgetting, and traumatic memory, and aligns this book with Casey's newest work on place and space. This ambitious study demonstrates that nothing in our lives is unaffected by remembering.Studies in Continental Thought-John Sallis, general editorContentsPreface to the Second EditionIntroduction Remembering Forgotten: The Amnesia of AnamnesisPart One: Keeping Memory in MindFirst ForaysEidetic FeaturesRemembering as Intentional: Act PhaseRemembering as Intentional: Object PhasePart Two: Mnemonic ModesPrologueRemindingReminiscingRecognizingCodaPart Three: Pursuing Memory beyond MindPrologueBody MemoryPlace MemoryCommemorationCodaPart Four: Remembering Re-memberedThe Thick Autonomy of MemoryFreedom in Remembering
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15 / 09 / 2009

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