Renegade Regimes by Miroslav Nincic
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Rogue states pursue weapons of mass destruction, support terrorism, violate human rights, engage in acts of territorial aggression, and pose a threat to the international community. In this timely book, Miroslav Nincic unravels the complex issues and policy choices regarding states that challenge international society's espoused interests and values. Nincic offers a systematic account of the genesis, trajectory, and motivations of renegade regimes. He assesses the effectiveness of sanctions and military responses and discusses how the pursuit of policies that defy international norms is often motivated by a regime's desire for greater domestic control. He provocatively argues that comprehensive economic sanctions can ultimately help a renegade regime strengthen its grip on power. Nincic also argues that force or the threat of force against a rogue state can trigger a protective reflex among its citizens, inspiring them to rally around the government's goals and values. As conventional approaches to international relations become obsolete, Renegade Regimes provides new and necessary frameworks and perspectives.
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2005

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