Responsible Management in Asia

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Responsible Management in Asia: Perspectives on CSR covers the history and development of corporate social responsibility (CSR in Asia and how it has helped to create pathways to social and environmental sustainability across the region. Drawing on case studies from Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere, leading specialists describe the emergence of CSR from philanthropy and charity to a uniquely Asian form of responsible management. Community-based partnerships between business and civil society are discussed from a practical, Asian perspective. Decent work programmes through social partnerships and concrete action programmes at the factory level offer new insights into workplace management. In the marketplace, the demands of consumers for greater accountability have been a key driver of CSR for Asian companies as well as multinationals operating in Asia. Special challenges in responsible tourism, green building initiatives and the growing risk of climate change are discussed by leading practitioners from major Asian companies and the growth of sustainable responsible investment (SRI) in Asia highlights opportunities amidst these challenges. With insights from the Global Reporting Initiative, the International Labour Organization, UNI Global Union and Vontobel Asset Management, Responsible Management in Asia offers new perspectives on the opportunities emerging for businesses and managers working in partnership with civil society stakeholders to build uniquely Asian responses to global challenges.
Publication Date:
14 / 12 / 2010

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