Richard Burns: Driving Ambition

Richard Burns: Driving Ambition by Richard Burns
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201 x 250mm
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This book takes you into the heart and mind of the man many regard as the world's greatest rally driver, World Champion Richard Burns.

He explains vividly what it's like to be behind the wheel of a high performance car when it's going very fast. Up against not only his opponents, but also the weather and the surface, decisions have to be taken instantly. Together driver and machine speed over tarmac and slide through winter snow and gravel: the wrong choice of route or speed can mean the loss of vital seconds - or a serious accident.

We find out how Richard Burns prepares himself mentally and physically for the unique challenges posed by each race and we discover how an ordinary boy from an ordinary Reading home made himself into a World Champion. He goes back to his childhood and early career to reveal the influences that have made him so successful.

He describes the key moments in a life that has been a series of 'firsts': winner of the 1990 Peugeot Challenge at his first attempt, youngest ever works driver for Peugeot at the age of 19, winner of the 1992 British National Championship at his first attempt, first ever driver to win the Great Britain Rally three times consecutively and, in 2001, the first Englishman ever to win the World Rally Championship.

No career is without its difficulties and Richard Burns shares with us the dark times when he struggled to make an impact in a very competitive world. How he relaxes and recharges his mind and body is a fascinating part of the book, as he gives us a glimpse of his private life away from racing - and talks about his other passions.

The book also describes the early events of the 2002 season as he defends his title in a completely new car, following his controversial move to Peugeot: another challenge in a life that has been full of them.
Publication Date:
07 / 11 / 2002
201 x 250mm

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