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    At age 17, Mara's ceremonial pledge of servantship to the goddess Lashima is interrupted by the news that her father and brother have been killed in battle on Trigia, the world through the rift.
    Now Ruling Lady of the Acoma, Mara finds that not only are her family's ancient enemies, the Minwanabi, responsible for the deaths of her loved ones, but her military forces have been decimated by the betrayal and House Acoma is now vulnerable to complete destruction.
    Daughter of the Empire
    Mara is thrust into a deadly game of politics when her father and brother are killed in battle. As the sole survivor of the Acoma house, she struggles to re-build the family fortunes, while trying to survive a blood feud against one of the most powerful houses, the Minwanabi. Mara must make bold, innovative moves in the Great Game of politics, where murder is applauded - as long as the correct procedures are followed. This series is set in the world of Kelewan, which is in Raymond E. Feist's Magician series. There are a few crossovers, but don't panic if you haven't read Magician - Daughter of the Empire can be read as a stand alone series. The politics in this series makes Game of Thrones look like pre-schoolers fighting over who plays in the sandpit!- Sandy
    Strathpine, 05/07/2016

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