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    By: Annie Hawes

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    Englishwoman in Italy, Annie Hawes, isn't quite as baffled by Ligurian life as she was when she first came to this land of hills and olive groves. But she is as surprised - and, often, delighted - by its strange twists and turns as she ever was . . .

    Annie is, after all, the proud owner of a hillside cottage (though its roof is about to fall in, thanks to the efforts of some hungry wood-beetle), while her neighbours are called the Spring Onions and believe that they are the rightful owners of a village called Goat Number One. Wooed in a charmingly unconventional way by local culinary star Ciccio - who first demonstrates his affection by inviting her to his vineyard to help mix up cow manure - Annie soon has an all-knowing local on hand to help.

    Still, being besieged by goats belonging to an (alleged) ex-marijuana-grower turned organic salami producer, and discovering a nearby village whose lands are jointly owned by a family of prostitutes and a bunch of priests does make her wonder.

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