Rising To The Occasion

Rising To The Occasion by Linda Taylor
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Cathy Gordon has made a discovery. Adopted at birth, she suddenly finds she has a grandfather. So, despite the protestations of her possessive boyfriend, she heads off to leafy Oxford to find Frank.

Frank turns out to be a cricket-mad grumpy old man, but determined to bond with her only living relative, Cathy takes up the challenge. Fortunately she finds an ally in Barry, Frank's unlikely lodger, who assures her that life is there for living. If only he wouldn't keep trying to seduce her, she might have a chance to work out how much she likes him.

But when Cathy finds herself on the way to Edgbaston with the hunky Nick, she starts to realise that nothing is quite as it seems . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2001

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