Roadmap to the E-Factory

Roadmap to the E-Factory by Jr. Alex N. Beavers
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As manufacturing control systems converge with manufacturing automation systems and systems supporting the back office, IT managers in manufacturing companies are being asked to oversee all their company's IT-including the manufacturing systems. Roadmap to the E-Factory explains what the IT manager needs to know about these unfamiliar systems. It discusses the information value chain, a concept which demonstrates how all computing resources contribute to the success of a manufacturing organization. The material also demonstrates the strategic value of IT, and it includes recommendations for managing the computing resources of a global manufacturing enterprise.An authoritative text on IT, manufacturing, and control systems, Roadmap to the E-Factory provides detailed information on:e-companiese-commerceo Lean manufacturingSupply chain managementERPOperationsEmerging trendsIn addition to helping you gain a basic understanding of manufacturing systems, Roadmap to the E-Factory shows you how IT systems can most effectively support these systems and provides you with a set of recommendations that enables you to derive maximum benefit from them.
Publication Date:
27 / 03 / 2001

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