Rob Long Omnibus Edition of Better Behaviour

Rob Long Omnibus Edition of Better Behaviour by Rob Long

By: Rob Long

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The comprehensive all-in-one approach to behaviour management, this omnibus edition of Rob Long's best selling Better Behaviour series brings together his eight titles in one handy volume, addressing all of the different yet overlapping behavioural issues teachers face on a daily basis in the classroom. An expert in the field of behaviour management, Rob Long draws on his vast experience to describe the behavioural challenges presented by children and adolescents, with straightforward advice for all adults working with them - whatever the setting. The Rob Long Omnibus Edition for Better Behaviour: outlines the particular issues involved improves understanding of children's behavioural difficulties and why/how they arise suggests positive ways of dealing with challenging situations describes good practice that can pre-empt and alleviate problems. This invaluable compendium resource covers everything you need to know about dealing with behaviour in the classroom and beyond, and is a vital must-have text for all teachers and those working in educational settings.
Publication Date:
22 / 06 / 2007

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