Roget's International Thesaurus 7th Edition

Roget's International Thesaurus 7th Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer
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235 x 188mm
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The revolutionary achievement of Dr. Roget was his development of a brand new principle: the grouping of words according to ideas. If the user cannot find something in a reference book, it is often because of the restriction of searching alphabetically by 'known' headwords. Dr. Roget's thesaurus thus reversed the access to allow the user to find a word from another word, a concept or an idea. When in 1852 Roget published the first book ever to realize this concept with thoroughness and precision, he called it a "thesaurus" (from the Greek and Latin, meaning "treasury" or "storehouse"). And thesaurus it has remained to this day.

This ultimate reference tool - the bestselling thesaurus ever in all its editions - contains over 325,000 words and phrases, more than two thousand of which are new to this edition, grouped into 1072 numbered categories. Within each category you'll find all the parts of speech, frequent cross-references, commonly-used words singled out in boldface, quotes that puts words into context , hundreds of fascinating and idiosyncratic word lists and much more. If you're a writer who needs help organising a thought or mastering the nuance of expression, the INTERNATIONAL THESAURUS remains the first source to turn to.

This edition updates the 2002 paperback edition, which netted 90,000 copies internationally.
Publication Date:
03 / 10 / 2011
235 x 188mm

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