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    Rogue Forces


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    Originally contracted to provide air transport services into hostile areas of the world for the U.S. government and some non-governmental agencies‚ Sky Masters Inc. has upgraded its fleet of high-tech transport planes to provide much more militarily useful services for its clients‚ including aerial refueling‚ intelligence-gathering‚ reconnaissance‚ clandestine infiltration‚ and even aerial long-range bombardment. The planes are on lease to Scion Aviation International‚ a private security company run by former president Kevin Martindale and retired Air Force lieutenant-general Patrick McLanahan. Their task is to take over aerial patrols in northern Iraq as the U.S. military begins to downsize its forces there.

    In the face of even more murderous attacks by Kurdish nationalists‚ the Republic of Turkey expands its campaign to root out the terrorists by invading northern Iraq. The few remaining American forces are quickly overwhelmed. The new government in Persia joins with the Turks to completely eradicate the Kurdish threat. The new American president‚ who pledged to start pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq on his first day in office‚ is reluctant to send U.S. forces back in to deal with the matter. As the only credible force in the region capable of blunting the Turks' advances‚ Scion Aviation International is contracted to respond.

    But when Patrick McLanahan makes the decision to take the fight to the Turks‚ can the President rein him in? Where will McLanahan's loyalty lie: with his country‚ his President‚ his fellow warriors...or with his company's shareholders?

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