Rules to Raise Happy, Healthy Children (Collection)

Rules to Raise Happy, Healthy Children (Collection) by Stephen Briers

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Three books for just $29.99! When it comes to parenting, you cant do everything, no matter how hard you try: nobody can. Given that, how do you make sure to do the things that are most important? The parts of raising kids thatll really help your children enjoy their lives, and help them grow into healthy, confident, successful, happy adults? This collection contains three books and is available for nearly 50% the price of each book alone. The Rules to Raise Happy, Healthy Children doesnt just identify the principles you need to know: it covers the hard part, actually applying them in your own family. Youll enjoy your kids more... theyll enjoy you more... and theyll grow up with the solid foundation they need to find their own paths, build their own lives, and thrive! Heres just some of what youll learn: How to help your kids build the confidence and self-assurance they need How to give them some magic in a world where enchantment is hard to find Make sure they know right from wrong Teach them the value of money Handle pressure and become successful, independent adults Help your child reach his or her fullest potential Get them to think for themselves And grow into leaders
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16 / 12 / 2011

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