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    By: Richard Overy

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    In the course of human history there has probably been no more terrible place than Eastern Europe in 1941-5. Estimates of total Soviet military and civilian deaths in the period now stand at more than 25 million. In Russia's War, Richard Overy re-creates the Soviet Union's apocalyptic struggle against Germany from the point of view both of the troops and of the ordinary people.
    'Everything is deftly handled - from the German - Soviet pact to the Yalta Conference, from Babi-Yar to the Katyn massacre - without holding up the sweeping narrative... It is the best concise account in English of the war on Soviet soil.'
    Orlando Figes, The Times

    'Overy is a first-class military historian... He writes concisely and says what he means to say... Now, we have an authoritative British account that understands both sides, without illusions.'
    Norman Stone, Spectator

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