Sacred Cows by Rosalind Coward
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Is Feminism Relevant to the New Millennium?

Feminism has been one of the most successful social movements of the twentieth century - the women's movement has transformed British society since the 1960s. In this contentious and controversial book, leading feminist writer Rosalind Coward asks, is it now holding us back?

When women set out to change the world and their place in it in the 1960s it seemed they had a long struggle ahead. Yet, within a generation, our world has been transformed into one in which women are assumed to be the equals of men. So where do we go from here? And what are the consequences of this success? Should women continue to campaign for equal opportunities, financial independence and sexual freedom, or is it time not only to reassess what women want but to look at society as whole?

Columnist and author Rosalind Coward argues that we now need to consider seriously the lives of boys and men. The social fabric of the UK has changed dramatically over the last thirty years and there is no longer a clear-cut distinction between male advantage and female disadvantage. Many people blame feminism for the breakdown of family life, so surely it is time to face up to the movement's failures as well as its undoubted success.

'Sacred Cows' looks critically at feminism's achievements and asks that most un-PC of questions - do we need feminism anymore or is it damaging relations between men and women, demonising men and denying them the right to understanding and equality in a society that is harsher for them than ever before?
Publication Date:
07 / 09 / 1999
139 x 222mm

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