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19th April 2018, 18:22Chickpea and Billie B. Brown.

Chickpea and Billie B. Brown are chickens. They are new, we got them on Tuesday. I named Chickpea after a chicken character in a book called Velvet. Charlie named his chicken after his favourite girl book character. They are very soft and friendly Isa Browns.  They other chickens are bossy to them so they stay away! We hope they will start laying us eggs soon.

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19th April 2018, 18:16Review: Pax  

I read this book in one day!

My favourite part was the ending but I'm not going to tell you because I don't want to ruin it for you!

This book made me wonder if I would ever have a pet fox. If I did I would name it 'Ummm'.  It might eat my chickens but I could train it not to.

Everyone should read this book because it's interesting; you learn a few things about animals and how they communicate.

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9th April 2018, 20:40Review: Invisible Emmie  

I loved that Emmie went from a human to a puddle of slime to a human again.  She got so quiet and timid that she felt as though she was very small, like a puddle of slime.  This book is also about a girl called Katie who is the complete opposite of Emmie.

This book made me feel that I was learning something because I'm sometimes quiet like Emmie.  Emmie gets brave and bold and then doesn't seem to be invisible anymore.

Invisible Emmie is a graphic novel which is kind of like a comic.

A note from Sadie's Mum: This is the first time Sadie has read a graphic novel. She loved it and nearly finished it in one sitting!

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9th April 2018, 20:34Review: Run, Pip, Run  

In this book Pip runs away from the welfare agency because her carer, Sully, is in hospital (he had a stroke on her 10th birthday and collapsed on top of her cake). She also runs away from Senior Constable Molly Dunlop because she was blamed for pickpocketing when she didn't do it.

I loved that Pip kept escaping through the toilet window because she was scared.  My favourite part was when she found a dog and called it Houndini because it kept escaping everywhere. This book made me feel nervous because I didn't know what was going to happen to Pip.

Everyone should read this book because it's exciting and the author uses interesting words.

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8th April 2018, 15:02Review: Charlies Choice - The Bad Guys  

This book made me feel laughy.

My favourite part is when 'The Bad Guys' rescue a kitten and they get scratched but Mr Wolf gets scratched the most because Mr Wolf was the one that tried to rescue it. (In book 1)

I loved that Mr Shark says 'is there any seals here?'.

My favourite character was Legs the spider because he freaks Mr Shark out.

Everyone should read this book because it is funny!

(Charlie is Sadie's 5 year old brother, he loves books too!)

A note from Sadie and Charlie's mum: The Bad Guys graphic books are a fantastic path from picture books to novels.  They always make Charlie laugh and he loves that he can 'read' it himself by interpreting the pictures.

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8th April 2018, 13:43First blog post

Hi everyone,

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25th March 2018, 12:45Review: The Shop at Hoopers Bend  

Everyone should read this book because it is really interesting. It is about a girl named Quil who is 11 years old. Quil helps save a shop that has been set on fire. She is quiet and brave.

This book made me feel happy because I would like to be Quil and own her dog.

I have already read Emily Rodda's Fairy Realm series which I loved.

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23rd March 2018, 19:50Review: Nanny Piggins  

This book series made me feel like I wanted sugar! Reading it made me feel giggly. 

I loved that Nanny Piggins ran a fun run but ran back to the cake factory because she loves cake and chocolate and everything that has sugar in it!

I have read all of the Nanny Piggins books except for the Christmas one because I'm saving that for Christmas.

Everyone should read this book because it's funny and they'll definitely like it. It's good for children around the age 6 to 10 because they will enjoy it because they're young and they've got the most giggles.

A note from Sadie's Mum: 

This is a fun series of books by a wonderful Australian author.  They are books that Sadie likes to re read so she is very pleased to have all of them now! Thankfully they have not enticed her to eat much sugar but they do put her in a cheerful mood!


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