Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic

Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic by Alyssa Milano
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130 x 197mm
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Alyssa Milano loves baseball. Currently she maintains a blog on that is devoted to the game and she has done on field game commentary for TBS. An avid Dodgers fan‚ she has been a serious student of the game for her entire life.Through all the craziness of growing up a child star and making hit TV shows like Who's the Boss and Charmed‚ baseball has been her one constant. Her blog came about because last year she began to spread her love of the game from her living room to the public as she partnered with Major League Baseball to design a successful line of official MLB clothing for women. She started writing the blog as part of the promotion for the clothes and soon it was one of the most popular features on the site.

Now Alyssa takes her passion for our national pastime to the page in her first ever book. Written to share her love of the game with everyone from diehard fanatics to the most casual followers‚ Alyssa tells the story of how baseball has shaped her life‚ explaining why she loves the game and why you should too. Combining stories from baseball history with stories from her own life‚ Alyssa offers personal anecdotes to delight even passing fans of the game‚ meditating on what it means to devote yourself to the greatest sport on earth.

Covering everything from the subtleties of the rules to how baseball can recover the recent steroid scandals‚ Alyssa crafts a discussion that is both timeless and immediate‚ using fun and entertaining prose to extend her love of the game to each and every reader regardless of gender.

Bringing an intelligent‚ witty‚ and humorously self-deprecating female voice to the male dominated world of baseball writing‚ Alyssa offers a woman's perspective into why baseball is and forever will be America's game. The end result is a unique and unexpected book that falls somewhere between a memoir‚ a manifesto‚ and a love letter to baseball.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2009
130 x 197mm

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