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    Sahara: The Life Of The Great Desert

    By: Marq De Villiers & Sheila Hirtle

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    A rich and fascinating biography of the world's largest desert - its history, peoples, traditions, climate, creatures, tastes, sights and sounds.

    In the parched and seemingly lifeless heart of the Sahara Desert, the endless 'Dune' of literary imagination, earthworms find enough moisture to survive. Four mountain ranges interrupt the flow of dunes and gravel plains, and at certain times waterfalls cascade from their peaks; massive dunes can appear almost overnight, and then move by hopping.

    The desert spawns vast underground reservoirs and blind fish. Its winds scour, and sudden and savage storms rage. Its sand is as soft as talcum powder. We think we know the Sahara, the largest and most austere desert on Earth - yet it is full of surprises, as Marq de Villiers reveals in his brilliant and evocative biography of the land and its people.

    Woven through de Villiers' account is a chronicle of the desert's nations and peoples: the extraordinary nomadic Moors, the gardening sand women of Arawan, the Tuareg (the famous 'blue men'), who call the desert home today.

    Illuminated by eloquent written testimonies from past travellers, 'Sahara' conveys the majesty, mystery, history and abundance of life in what the outside world thinks of as the Great Emptiness.

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