Samuelsonian Economics and the Twenty-First Century

Samuelsonian Economics and the Twenty-First Century by Unknown
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This volume illuminates and critically assesses Paul A. Samuelson''s voluminous and groundbreaking contributions to the field of economics. The volume includes contributions from eminent scholars, including 6 Nobel Laureates, covering the extraordinary depth and breadth of Samuelson''s contributions. Samuelson, the first American economist to win the Nobel prize in 1970, was the foremost voice in economics in the latter half of the 20th century. He single-handedly transformed thediscipline by creating a new way of presenting economics, making it possible for it to be cast all in mathematical terms. Samuelson developed broad frameworks, such as the neoclassical synthesis, a mixed economy, and the surrogate production function, which provided practitioners with a vision for research. Samuelson''s contributions to economics are rich, complex, consequential, and relevant to the ordinary economics of life. The quality of Samuelson''s output and methods leave no doubt that his contributions continue to be timely and relevant even in the 21st century. Ideal as a reference or an introduction toSamuelson''s work, this is a must-have for students and academics alike.
Publication Date:
24 / 08 / 2006

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