Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm

Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm by Kim Cattrall & Mark Levinson
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199 x 210mm

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The book everyone has been talking about by Kim Cattrall from 'Sex And The City'. Fast getting the reputation for being the new 'Joy Of Sex' for the 21st century, this book tells all about female satisfaction and how women and their partners can achieve it.

Clear text and over 100 beautiful illustrations help men become the lover they want to be, while helping women communicate their desires. Comprehensive and explicit, 'Satisfaction' is not just about technique; it is about loving, and the deep enrichment that comes from caring about your lover's sexual fulfillment.

The truth is that the majority of women do not have satisfying sex lives, often because men don't understand women's sexual needs and sensitivities. Women very much want sexual fulfilment, but are sometimes unsure about how to express their needs or improve their sex life.

'Satisfaction' is friendly in tone, with personal notes from both authors. It contains beautiful illustrations, using simple symbols to reveal what's going on inside as well as outside the body, and showing exactly how to achieve the female orgasm.

Detailed discussion includes:
- Every man can be an artist
- Repeated or sustained oral orgasms
- Ultra-fast G-spot massage
- Many, many different styles, techniques and suggestions
- Pretty much everything you've ever considered asking or thinking about sex and sexuality

'Satisfaction' is intended for men and women who seek a stronger bond and a more fully satisfying sexual life through awareness, honesty, and communication.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2003
199 x 210mm

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