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Today, China is in a critical period of development facing a series of challenges such as optimizing the economic structure, rationalizing the use of resources, protecting the ecological environment, eradicating poverty, and fostering coordinated development of the whole society. These challenges can not be comprehensively address without the integrated development of science and technology.This book takes an active part in international cooperation for promoting the development of science and technology and the progress of human civilization. In Science Progress in China Chinese scientists have outlined the development and accomplishments across a spectrum of science over the past 50 years. Scientific acheivements discussed include: the first synthesis of crystalline bovine insulin, the publication of the diagram of rice genes and much more.* Promotes the development of science and education, with emphasis placed on cultivating and nurting scientific talents* Discusses Chinese mathematics, engineering achievements, and the science and technology strategies and policies * Povides insights in the progress of crop genetics and breeding* Offers an analysis of the development of the population and the effects of reproductive medicine
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07 / 04 / 2006

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