Scorpion Winter

Scorpion Winter by Andrew Kaplan
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190 x 106mm
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The ex-CIA, freelancing agent named Scorpion has withdrawn to his hideaway-an idyllic farmhouse on the island of Sardinia, the only place on earth where he believes he can find complete anonymity. A place he believes no employer, not the CIA, not MI6, not even his enemies (and there are many), can find him. Then someone steps off a Russian yacht and leaves a message for him at the local harbor.

And that message, a request for a meeting, is irresistible bait: if he doesn't respond he'll never know for sure if his cover has been blown and his safe house is no more. Now he has to find out who wants him and why-or he'll never be able to rest. On the French Riviera, Scorpion finds the man who has asked for him: a billionaire who wants to hire him to go to Russia. The mission? "To stop something very bad from happening."

The billionaire fears that a man running for president in the Ukraine, Cherkesov, is about to be assassinated and asks Scorpion to find out what he can and to stop the plot if possible. The billionaire fears that if the candidate indeed is killed, the political destabilization will be the excuse the Russians need to send in troops and tanks just as they did in Georgia, and his international business will collapse. Before Scorpion can get too far, Cherkesov dies in a bomb attack at a stadium rally and as Scorpion is seen nearby, authorities assume he's among the assassins. On the run with a woman who has promised to help him-a political operative who also knows her way around firearms-Scorpion must find the real killers before authorities find him and the situation and political misunderstandings escalate among the NATO allies and adversaries and the world erupts in all-out war.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2012
190 x 106mm

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