Seafaring Lore and Legend

Seafaring Lore and Legend by Peter Jeans

By: Peter Jeans

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"A valuable and lively resource. Jeans sorts truth from fiction with a sure hand and does full justice to both." —Peter Stanford, President Emeritus, National Maritime Historical Society

“A veritable sourcebook of nautical history, beliefs, and heritage. Every true mariner will get lost in this book.”—Boating

Seafaring Lore and Legend is a storehouse of wonders for those who love the sea. From Noah’s Ark to Thor Heyerdahl’s raft, from Atlantis to the Northwest Passage, author Peter Jeans scours the ages and the seven seas for fanciful, inspiring, and bizarre tales of sea monsters, ghost ships, lost continents, castaways, pirates, explorers, superstitions, and customs.

Discover the surprising truths behind:

The origins of naval salutes and the Beaufort Scale

Flogging a dead horse and other oddities of nautical custom

Sea chanties, scurvy, and the hardships of life at sea

Infamous and noteworthy sea captains and their ships

Famous wrecks and mutinies

Mermaids, sirens, and sea nymphs

Nautical superstitions such as the albatross and Fiddler’s Green

And much more

This is a book you can open anywhere to savor for a few minutes or an afternoon. But be careful: it's easy to lose track of time at sea.
Publication Date:
07 / 02 / 2007

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