Seals Strategic Warfare: Operation Hangman

Seals Strategic Warfare: Operation Hangman by Mike Martell
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Point four SEALs at an enemy—then pull the trigger . . .The Briefing: A CIA spook in pinstrips lay out the scenario—and the SEALs are his: a deadly quarter of America's best, handpicked for the frontlines in the war against terrorism.The Preparation: Every contingency is planned for. There can be no mistakes in the life-or-death, clockwork completion of a multi-phase operation half a world away. Failure is not an option.The Plan: To fight terror with terror.The Mission: Infiltrate a hostile terrorist training camp. Destroy a shipping lane. Disrupt the transfer of terrorist monies. Free a captive spy. Strike hard and fast and deadly with all the firepower they can carry to achieve the ultimate goal: the termination of the world's most dangerous, elusive, and well-protected madman.The time is now . . . Seals Strategic Warfare Operation HangmanAn electrifying novel of covert warfare that authentically re-creates a top secret SEALs op, from inception through preparation to the bloody confrontation, complete with maps, weapon illustrations, and briefings.This is the story of how the work gets done. . . and done right.
Publication Date:
15 / 09 / 2015

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