Secrets of a Webcam Girl

Secrets of a Webcam Girl by Annabelle T. Baxter

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From video vixen to happy endings – one woman reveals all!

How far would you go to pay the bills? Secrets of a Webcam Girl is the true story of a woman’s transition from business suit to birthday suit as a way to solve mounting financial problems. Struggling to pay the bills working in real estate after the housing bubble burst, Annabelle answers an online ad promising a big salary while working from home. This introduces her to the world of webcamming and eventually leads to her stripping and performing sex shows online.

Once she dabbles in the lucrative skin trade, she begins to experiment with other areas of sex work, eventually prompting a foray from webcam to massage table, where she offers happyending body rubs. Although the clients and money are plentiful, Annabelle finds it increasingly difficult to keep her secret life hidden from her family, friends and boyfriend, particularly as client boundaries blur.

Told with candour and wit, this behind-the-scenes memoir reveals her patrons’ fetishes, infidelities and surprising stories while offering stunning revelations about the life of an empowered webcam girl. This erotic memoir will soon be on the tip of everyone’s tongue!
Publication Date:
22 / 05 / 2013

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