Security Education, Awareness and Training

Security Education, Awareness and Training by Carl Roper
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This book is the only one available on security training for all level of personnel. Chief Security Officers (CSOs), security managers, and heads of security forces often have to design training programs themselves from scratch or rely on outside vendors and outside training companies to provide training which is often dry, stilted, and not always applicable to a specific corporate or government setting. This title addresses the theories of sound security training and awareness, then shows the reader how to put the theories into practice when developing or presenting any form of security education, training, motivation or awareness.* Shows how to establish and integrate a structured, internally consistent and coherent program from the ground up * Illustrates how to assess and analyze security program needs and audience and customize training accordingly* Numerous Appendices to help the security manager justify security spending on training initiatives
Publication Date:
23 / 09 / 2005

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