Sediment Quality and Impact Assessment of Pollutants

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Volume 1 of the Sustainable Management of Sediment Resources mini-series is the first attempt to fill many of these gaps in knowledge and also in practice. The volume includes sections on:* Sampling * Characterization of contaminants in sediments being bioavailability the main issue * Chemical analysis * Biological analysis * Effect directed analysis and toxicity * Identification evaluation * Benthos sediment quality assessment * Modelling of pollutant fate and behaviour * Sediment quality guidelines This first volume is applicable to a wide audience, from students at the graduate level, to experienced researchers and laboratory personnel in academia, industry and government. This volume also available as part of a 4-volume set, ISBN 0444519599. Discount price for set purchase.* A broad overview on sediment quality and impact assessment of pollutants * Suitable for both newcomers to the field of sediment treatment and specialists alike* Outlines practical examples of methods used in sediment quality analysis
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29 / 09 / 2006

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