Selection and Use of Contract Research Organizations

Selection and Use of Contract Research Organizations by Shayne C. Gad

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Choosing the right contract research organization (CRO) can make the difference between getting a product to market quickly and cost-effectively, and wasting valuable time and money. The vast number of available CROs is increasing all the time, and all of them make impressive claims. The Selection and Use of Contract Research Organizations is your essential guide to choosing the best provider. A history of the CRO industry, audit checklists, and overviews of both the pharmaceutical and medical device development processes create a comprehensive overview of how to successfully select and manage a CRO for your project. The book also discusses:Guidance for selection, protocol and contract development, project management and monitoring of workCommon pitfalls and problems - how to avoid them, and how to solve them if they do occurHow to integrate efforts between groups to achieve the greatest cost effectiveness while maintaining quality and timely productionPrototype forms and templates for increasing coordination between multiple working groupsA series of appendices covering hundreds of prominent service providers worldwide, including contact informationOperative regulations and lawsIn addition to providing fundamental guidance on how to select and manage a CRO in the product development process, this reference also includes a set of eight databases that contain contact information for prominent service providers in North America, Europe, and Japan, and overviews of services they offer. It is a complete resource for professionals in biotechnology, and pharmaceutical and medical device development.
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2004

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