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    Selling Grace

    By: Simon Shaw

    Date Released

    Out of Print

    It's time you met killer blonde PI Grace Cornish.

    Grace is in trouble. She's always had a cavalier attitude towards legal niceties, and when her inquiries demand a spot of breaking-and-entering, she doesn't hesitate. But when she's caught on a security camera and her old nemesis from her police days gets ready to throw the book at her, it looks as if this time she's overstepped the mark.

    Out of the blue, her ex-flame Bob rings up to offer his help, but there's a catch. Working for a hush-hush anti-narcotics unit, Bob's been targeting an elusive money-launderer, and from an intercepted phone call now knows the guy will be in London the following weekend.

    He doesn't know where, though, but he does know who his man's meeting: a playboy and professional gambler with a taste for fast cars and loose women. The gambler always calls the same escort agency when he's in town and Bob's boys have put the screws on the owner so that the next girl he gets sent will be working undercover. Which is where Grace comes in.

    All she has to do is sell her body for one night and her impending court case could disappear - is that too much to ask? But as usual with Grace, things are never that simple, and soon she's in far deeper than she bargained for.

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