Semantic Priming by Timothy P. McNamara

By: Timothy P. McNamara

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Semantic Priming: Perspectives from Memory and Word Recognition reviews empirical and theoretical advancements in the scientific understanding of semantic priming. The first section reviews models of semantic priming, including spreading activation models, the verification model, compound-cue models, distributed network models, and multistage activation models (e.g. interactive-activation model). The second section examines issues and findings that have played an especially important role in testing models of priming and includes chapters on the following topics: methodological issues (e.g. counterbalancing of materials, choice of priming baselines); automatic vs. strategic priming; associative vs. 'pure' semantic priming; mediated priming; long-term semantic priming; backward priming; unconscious priming; the prime-task effect; list context effects; effects of word frequency, stimulus quality, and stimulus repetition; and the cognitive neuroscience of semantic priming. The book closes with a summary and a discussion of promising new research directions.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2004

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