Sensory Evaluation Practices

Sensory Evaluation Practices by Rebecca N. Bleibaum

By: Rebecca N. Bleibaum

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Understanding what the consumer wants and will accept are two of the most significant hurdles faced by anyone in new product development. Whether the concern is the proper mouth-feel of a potato chip, the sense of freshness" evoked by a chewing gum, or the weight and texture of a cosmetic, if the consumer doesn't find the product acceptable, it won't sell. Sensory evaluation testing is the process that establishes the consumer acceptability of a product. It can help identify issues before general production is begun and potentially bring to light issues that hadn't previously been considered a factor in the success of the project.Emphasizes the importance of a scientific sensory methodology used to measure and understand consumer perceptionIllustrates the importance of planning, managing, and communicating product sensory information in a way that is actionable to developers and marketersPresents demonstrated methods for test selection, application and measurement, and testing with the right consumer, including more typical usage environmentsIncludes worked examples for interpreting and displaying results
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2012

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