Serious Incident Prevention

Serious Incident Prevention by Thomas Burns

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This is your guide to creating a proactive, effective prevention process. This book presents a model showing you how to systematically identify and execute the steps needed to make your operations incident-free. Its team-based approach draws every level of the organization into the effort. Serious incidents affect a company's most important and most visible measures of performance, including profitability and company image. Use the author's ground-breaking method for preventing serious incidents, from a team perspective. Whether applied in real-life situations or in the classroom, this method will help you create a safer, more profitable plant.Up to date information and expanded topic coverage is provided in this new edition. There are two new chapters. One covers leveraging the power of behavior-based techniques and the other covers the benefits of developing teamwork skills. New material features case studies of corporations that have achieved a high degree of success from the implementation of Burns' techniques. Additionally, the author has included safety performance scorecards, a practical and effective tool for preventing serious incidents.* Updated with all new material on teamwork skills and behavior-based techniques* This unique method shows the user how to prevent serious incidents before they occur* Includes cases of real-life examples and safety performance scorecards
Publication Date:
18 / 07 / 2002

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