Seven Trends in Corporate Training and Development

Seven Trends in Corporate Training and Development by Ibraiz Tarique

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Understand, anticipate, master, and leverage the seven powerful trends that are transforming workplace training and development! In Seven Trends in Corporate Training and Development, pioneering innovator Ibraiz Tarique offers actionable thought leadership on all seven trends, helping you address the new challenges they present, and leverage new opportunities they offer. Tarique focuses on strategic directions for training and development, while offering tangible and specific recommendations for addressing and anticipating all seven trends. His example-rich, best-practice coverage includes:   ¿ How and why the role of training and development professionals is changing ¿ Impacts ranging from globalization and demographics to hybrid career paths ¿ What future learning systems will look like ¿ Leveraging emerging technologies and new approaches to collaboration ¿ Measuring training ROI ¿ Using training to develop new sources of talent ¿ Helping employees discern fact from opinion ¿ Applying powerful new insights into how adults learn ¿ Teaching agility ¿ Making person-centered learning work ¿ Getting more value from informal learning ¿ Using stretch assignments to strengthen critical thinking ¿ Leveraging "new experts" within and beyond your organization   For all HR leaders and specialists with direct or indirect responsibility for organizational learning, including Directors of Learning and Development, Directors of Talent Management, Chief Learning Officers, HR Training Managers, and trainers
Publication Date:
17 / 04 / 2014

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