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    By: Linda Mealey

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    Sex Differences serves as an advanced text for courses in evolutionary and human biology, psychology, and sexuality and gender studies. It also serves as a reference source for academic professionals in these disciplines. The book covers the evolution of sex and sex differences, and sex differences and sexual strategies in non-human and human animals. The final chapter addresses issues of sex and gender in interpersonal relationships, organizations and politics. Diagrams, graphs, charts, and tables illustrate key concepts; cartoons and photos provide visual breaks and an element of humor.

    Key Features
    * Examines sexual differences from a multi-level comparative approach
    * Contains a thorough coverage of literature through 1998 and into 1999
    * Illustrates pages with a generous use of cartoons, photos, figures, and diagrams
    * Invites bonus learning with special interest boxes interspersed throughout text
    * Presents a critical analysis
    * Includes a combination of feminist and evolutionary thinking

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