Sexiest Vampire Alive

Sexiest Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks


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171 x 106mm

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For millenia Vampires have lived quietly among mortals, but now thanks to a viral internet video the secret is out ... and some nervous undead are calling it the end of days.
It may be indeed as the vamps' hopes are pinned on Gregori Holstein, a playboy who has more experience with the ladies than enemy combatants. Although maybe he can use his sweet talking skills to convince the US government to squash growing rumours before it's too late. When he gets nowhere fast, Gregori decides to play to his strengths and makes friends with the President's never-mentioned-in-the-media daughter.
Abigail Tucker dropped out of the spotlight to concentrate on her job in a secret government lab, where she's been desperately working to find a cure for her dying mother. To complete her research she needs to find a plant that grows only in China, but her father is not willing to let the media pounce on this story. So he cuts a deal with Gregori: secretly teleport his daughter, find the plant and get home, and he'll help them.
But the dangers lurking abroad are darker than those at home and while Gregori struggles to keep Abigail safe, he subjects her to the worst danger of all -- falling in love.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2011
171 x 106mm

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