Sexual Morality: A Natural Law Approach to Intimate Relationships

Sexual Morality: A Natural Law Approach to Intimate Relationships by John Piderit

By: John Piderit

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Informal customs have become the norm for most young adults in matters of sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, the sexual revolution has not proven to be as beneficial to women as was hoped, and society offers young men little preparation for future roles as husbands and fathers. In this book, Father Piderit argues that a natural law approach to morality provides a grounded pathway toward marriage, and shows why these fairly traditional practices help young people find a partner whom they can realistically promise to love until death do them part. Offering theory but focusing on practice, this book helps young adults understand why sexual intimacy should be reserved for marriage. The first two sections develop the natural law basis for behavior. Father Piderit points out that natural law relies primarily on reason, not religion, and his explanation provides a way to understand a Christian approach to morality as grounded in nature. The final third of the book explores what religious practice and membership in a Christian denomination adds to the natural law approach. Father Piderit uses clear, practical examples to show that positive goals are what motivate human beings. By breaking down the potentially abstract concept of morality into a set of intuitive practices guided by natural law, Father Piderit provides young people and students with the tools to create a positive courtship and, ultimately, a solid marriage based on strong, shared values and mutual respect.
Publication Date:
06 / 10 / 2011

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