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    Shadows Of Steel


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    The world is a dangerous place. Hardly a revelation, but for the new US president, nothing drives it home more forcefully than the sight of a newly nuclear Iran throwing its weight around the Persian Gulf, while the USA stands by uneasily, its military weakened by years of budget cuts and unpopular, inconclusive police actions.

    But there is one weapon he can use: the newest secret cell of the CIA codenamed Future Flight. Take a group with speed, skill and audacity, put a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber in its hands, then send it out to find Iran's key military, industrial and command centres, and destroy them: quickly, quietly, secretly, untraceably - the ultimate stealth attack.

    Under the command of Patrick McLanahan, the team begins its mission brilliantly - and then all hell breaks loose, as Iran and its allies take their war of intimidation further than anyone dared imagine.

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