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    Shakespeare And The Art Of Verbal Seduction: Quotes On Love

    By: Wayne F Hill

    Date Released

    Out of Print

    A Brilliant Collection of Shakespeare Quotations on the Subject of Love.

    This collection shows Shakespeare as a master of verbal seduction. His subtlety, wit and charm succeed where more obvious efforts would fail. He puts pulling power into the mouths of all kinds of characters from the earthy to the supremely refined.

    Seduction is a compelling subject because it's about power, the power to find someone's vulnerability or break down their defences and get exactly what you want - against their better judgment. Seduction is war by attraction. You win your way by using less direct means, wiles and stratagems.

    Shakespeare's love poetry includes some of the most exquisite expressions of passion and desire, but verbal seduction is about finding real ways to satisfy that desire. In practical terms, his words arm the student of the art of seduction with truly elegant chat-up lines.

    These quotations show Shakespeare as a master not only of language but of strategy, creating lines that inevitably define and direct the trajectory of a relationship.

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