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    Sharpe's Regiment


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    'Going home? England? He did not want to go‚ but if the alternative was to watch a Battalion die that had earned its right to tramp down the roads of France‚ then he would go through hell itself. For his regiment and for its Colours that had flown through the cannon smoke of half a continent‚ he would go to England so that he could march into France. He would go home.'

    Sharpe's men are at risk of being wiped out - not by the enemy but by bureaucrats in Whitehall.There is rumour of fresh recruits being collected in England and Sharpe must go home to find them.

    Far from finding troops of brave and eager soldiers‚ Sharpe uncovers a nest of traitors‚ each determined in his way to destroy Sharpe's regiment.Not even the influence of the Prince Regent can protect Sharpe as he undertakes the most desperate gamble of his career.

    A Sharpe Adventure:

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