Sherry Cracker Gets Normal

Sherry Cracker Gets Normal by D.J. Connell
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234 x 153mm

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Meet Sherry Cracker: loner, obsessive note-taker and lover of tartan trousers. She works for Mr Chin, a penny-pinching, straight-talking man who runs a business collecting unwanted gold from dentists. One Friday afternoon, Mr Chin uncharacteristically gives her £100 and a weekend in which to transform her life.
Thinking new-age therapy the way forward, Sherry has an unfortunate series of meetings with therapist-cum-fraudster Mr Tanderhill (whose sidekick Shanks steals her purse whilst she is under hypnosis), the psychotherapist Bijou Poulet and Lady Luck. After her endeavours of self-discovery prove fruitless she decides that she needs to make real friends to truly change her life. Pretty soon she meets Nigel, a runaway boy who is being pursued by policewoman Big Trish and a tranvestite, Jocelyn, who spends her days walking around the communal gardens in a fuchsia pink trench with pet pooch Herb Alpert.
When Sherry spots a dark stranger in the window of Chin's office, the trio's friendship is cemented by a common cause. The dark stranger has bothered Jocelyn in the past and it is now up to the group to uncover his identity and rescue Mr Chin. Their investigation throws up a whole host of comic characters, from Chin's Chinese rivals, Mr Dang and Mr Lung, to mayoral candidates Roger Bottle and Warren Crumpet. When Mr Chin is finally discovered, Sherry will have the chance to assert her new-found confidence and save the day.
With a series of hilarious twists and turns, the reader will fall in love with Sherry's quirky and random world.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2011
234 x 153mm

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