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    Shoes Were For Sunday

    By: Molly Weir

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    'Poverty is a very exacting teacher and I had been taught well'

    The post-war concrete jungle of the Glasgow tenements was the setting for Molly Weir's childhood. Sharing a pull-out bed in her mother's tiny kitchen and running in terror from the fever van, Molly and the other urchins knew how to make do with nothing.

    Despite the crippling poverty, there was a vivacity to the tenements that kept spirits high. Whether Molly was brushing the hair of her wizened neighbour Mrs MacKay, running to Jimmy's chip shop for a ha'penny of crimps or dancing at the annual fair, there wasn't a moment to spare for self-pity.

    And at the centre of her world was her fearsome but loving Grannie, whose tough, independent spirit taught Molly to rise above her pitiful surroundings and achieve her dreams.

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